Surgical Error Lawsuits

Washington Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Any surgery can be potentially hazardous to a Washington patient. An unfavorable surgical outcome or even death may occur, even when the surgeon performs carefully and accurately. While most surgical procedures have a low incidence of complications, when a mistake does happen, the stakes can be high.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkWhile you have probably heard horror stories about surgeons who amputate the wrong limb or perform a procedure on the incorrect organ, this is rare. The more common surgical mistakes range from failure to obtain appropriate consent and an unnecessary surgery is performed, to the use of unsanitary surgical instruments that causes an infection.

Any injury resulting from surgical negligence may be grounds for a surgical negligence lawsuit. If you or someone you love suffered an injury during surgery and you believe medical malpractice is the cause, talk to an attorney with Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC. He can look for an experienced Washington medical malpractice attorney to meet your needs if your case appears to have merit, at no additional cost to you.

Types of Surgical Errors that May Occur

Surgical negligence can occur in the pre-operative stage, during the procedure, or in the post-operative stage. For example, if your doctor did not give you the appropriate preparation instructions, it could lead to complications during the procedure. If negligence occurred during surgery, such as accidentally puncturing an organ or lacerating an artery, it may be more difficult to prove because the only witnesses are the surgical staff.

Some surgical errors are the result of substandard post-operative care, such as the failure to diagnose a complication or adverse reaction to the surgery. Unfortunately, some surgeons are unwilling to admit that a patient may be bleeding, which requires immediate re-operation, until it is too late. Therefore, any Washington patient who dies or suffers a serious injury after surgery must make sure a medical malpractice attorney and a medical expert carefully review your medical records.

Some of the more common surgical errors include:

  • Failure to perform the appropriate diagnostic tests
  • Negligent surgery preparation
  • Bacterial infections resulting from contaminated surgical tools
  • Performing unnecessary surgery as a result of a misdiagnosis
  • Making an incorrect incision
  • Leaving surgical instruments (such as a sponge) inside the patient’s body
  • Negligence is administering the anesthesia

If you suffered a surgical error in the state of Washington and you suspect medical negligence, please complete our online form and the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will review your case. If your claim appears to have merit, we will work to find you a trusted Washington medical malpractice attorney to help you collect the damages to which you are entitled.